This page contains all the old news from the main page of Rusty Hearts Wiki: January 2012

  • New level cap 40!
  • Meilin Costumes being added.
  • Lots of new Monster images added.
  • Skill pages being reworked.
December 2011
  • The Character pages have been cleaned up somewhat, adding navigation and moving their Weapons and Skills to more accessible pages with their own navigation bar. Simplifying the skill pages is still on the "to-do" list.
  • Natasha skill tree added! With thanks to [1]
  • The Christmas seasonal event has started!
  • Pet data has been expanded, as have a number of quests relating to it.
  • Clovis, Voucher, Soul Piece pages expanded and icons added.
  • Wanted Board quests have been expanded, cleaned up and rearranged. Let us know if we're missing any!
  • Item Enhancement has had a success chance on fortification added.
  • Costume page reworked to be easier to edit and many new images added.
  • All welcome BryghtShadow as a new member of the admin team!
November 2011
  • Navigation added to NPCs, see Mayor Tracy for an example.
  • Navigation added to Dungeons. See that little bar in the top-right corner? You can click it to get to the dungeon you need.
  • Avatar info added. Not much available yet though.
  • Added several Dungeon maps.
  • Chat image added to most NPCs.
  • New main page design and layout! Hopefully everyone likes the new design, it was inspired by an old template from Diablo Wiki
  • More images being added, and still plenty more to be done. Feel free to help out.
  • Quest template created, based on the item template.
  • Item template created, with thanks to Beefburger.
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