The following are all available tools that can be added to your toolbar. * are only available to admins.

Type this To get this page in My Tools
All pages Special:AllPages
All pages with prefix Special:PrefixIndex
Block user * Special:Block
Blocked IP addresses and usernames Special:BlockList
Broken redirects Special:BrokenRedirects
Categories list Special:Categories
Category tree Special:CategoryTree
Contact Wikia Special:Contact
Contributions Special:Contributions
Create a new page Special:CreatePage
Dead-end pages Special:DeadendPages
Deleted contributions * Special:DeletedContributions
Disambiguation pages Special:Disambiguations
Double redirects Special:DoubleRedirects
Duplicate file search Special:FileDuplicateSearch
Edit count Special:Editcount
Export pages Special:Export
External links search Special:LinkSearch
File list Special:ListFiles
File path Special:FilePath
Import pages * Special:Import
Layout builder * Special:LayoutBuilder
Logs Special:Log
Long pages Special:LongPages
MIME search Special:MIMESearch
Most linked-to categories Special:MostLinkedCategories
Most linked-to pages Special:MostLinkedPages
Most linked-to photos Special:MostLinkedFiles
Most linked-to templates Special:MostLinkedTemplates
Most popular categories Special:Mostpopularcategories
Most visited pages Special:Mostvisitedpages
New photos Special:NewFiles
New pages Special:NewPages
Oldest pages Special:AncientPages
Orphaned pages Special:LonelyPages
Pages with the fewest revisions Special:FewestRevisions
Pages with the most categories Special:MostCategories
Pages with the most revisions Special:MostRevisions
Pages without language links Special:WithoutInterwiki
Preferences Special:Preferences
Protected pages Special:ProtectedPages
Protected titles Special:ProtectedTitles
Random page Special:Random
Recent changes Special:RecentChanges
Redirects list Special:ListRedirects
Related changes Special:RecentChangesLinked
Restore deleted pages * Special:Undelete
Search Special:Search
Short pages Special:ShortPages
Special pages Special:SpecialPages
System messages Special:AllMessages
Tags report Special:TagsReport
Theme designer * Special:ThemeDesigner
Uncategorized categories Special:UncategorizedCategories
Uncategorized pages Special:UncategorizedPages
Uncategorized photos Special:UncategorizedFiles
Uncategorized templates Special:UncategorizedTemplates
Unused categories Special:UnusedCategories
Unused photos Special:UnusedFiles
Unused templates Special:UnusedTemplates
Unwatched pages * Special:UnwatchedPages
Upload multiple photos Special:MultipleUpload
Upload photo Special:Upload
User rights list Special:ListGroupRights
User rights management * Special:UserRights
Users list Special:ListUsers
Version Special:Version
Wanted categories Special:WantedCategories
Wanted pages Special:WantedPages
Wanted photos Special:WantedFiles
Wanted templates Special:WantedTemplates
Watchlist Special:Watchlist
Wiki Activity Special:WikiActivity
Wikia Labs Special:WikiaLabs

fr:Aide:Barre d'outils/Liste des outils disponibles de:Hilfe:Werkzeugleiste/Werkzeuge

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