Today's Luck is given at the start of the day when each character logs into or visits his/her own room.

The effect gives bonus statistics, like Physical and Magic Damage or Max HP and Max MP.

The effect resets at 5.00 am.

Effects Edit

Name Effect Description
Goddess of Fortune Increased Deadman's Chest Appearance You've got all the luck today. Don't squander this opportunity!
Starchild Max HP (+5%) Your body is pulsing to the heartbeat of the universe. You don't feel any different? You're just not looking hard enough!
Natural Born Genius Max MP (+5%) Your mind is clear and focused like a laser. Try reading a book today, you'll be surprised what you might learn!
Love Yourself Physical Attack (+5%) You should take special care of yourself today. Calm yourself down and don't lose your temper.
Mental Master Magic Attack (+5%) Keep your eyes on the prize. If you're worried about your future, live today to the fullest.
Paragon of Power Max HP (+5%)
Physical Attack (+5%)
Today just might be your lucky day. Look for something exciting to do.
Paragon of Knowledge Max MP (+5%)
Magic Attack (+5%)
Why don't you give someone a helping hand? What goes around comes around. Do something nice today!
Strength of Heart Physical Attack (+5%)
Physical Defense (+5%)
Today is your lucky day! Everything will turn your way, so don't back down! Face your fears!
Power of Knowledge Magic Attack (+5%)
Magic Defense (+5%)
You feel too comfortable with your regular routine. Don't get too relaxed.
King's Honor Max HP (+5%)
Physical Attack (+5%)
Physical Defense (+5%)
You have to be a role model to someone today. Think about your actions. They may have serious consequences.
Grace of the Goddess Max MP (+5%)
Magic Attack (+5%)
Magic Defense (+5%)
A clear, blue sky and cool, refreshing day is all a person needs. Don't overlook the little things that make life nice.
Lady Luck Physical Attack (+5%)
Magic Attack (+5%)
Critical Rate (+5%)
You've got luck coming out your ears! If everyday is like this, you may be the luckiest person in the world.
Warrior Spirit Max HP_MP (+5%)
Physical Defense (+5%)
Magic Defense (+5%)
Somehow you feel tougher and stronger. You have nothing to fear from your enemies today!
God's Blessing Max HP_MP (+7%)
Physical Attack (+7%)
Magic Attack (+5%)
Someone is watching over you. Take the initiative and live without fear!
Your lucky colors are yellow and pink.
Beware of strangers bearing gifts.
Your lucky number is 7.
Love lies to the south. Maybe you will meet someone special today.
Be ready for good tidings and fortune. They will originate in the west.
Go south and east. You will be far way from your worries. You may just meet a special someone.
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