When changing Zones or exiting your room, or even entering a dungeon the game will show you some random useful tips.

Known Tips Edit

  1. You can rotate the camera while in town by pressing the Q, W, and E keys.
  2. You can grab a monster with the Grab button (C), then attack it with the Attack button (X)
  3. Blood Mode dungeons don't provide experience, but contain more powerful items.
  4. Press the Party button (P) to find a party. (The Party Info window will open if you're already in a party.)
  5. Select a Weapon Focus after reaching level 20 by doing a quest from your skill trainer.
  6. You can see the world map while in town by pressing the Map button (M).
  7. To link an item in the chat window, hold down Tab and left-click an item icon.
  8. You can repurchase items you have accidently sold by using the Repurchase tab. Your time to do this is limited.
  10. You can press the Spacebar up to two times to jump higher.
  11. The Wiseman's Stone is for upgrading equipment.
  12. You can press the Shift key to change the Skill Slot page.
  13. If you use the right combination of skills, you'll get more Style points.
  14. The more monsters you kill in a dungeon, the more experience points you will receive at the end.
  15. You can increase the Level of an augment stone by combining two augment stones.
  16. You need to have a certain class item in order to enter the Blood mode.
  17. Press the Defend button (Z) when a monster attacks you, then press the Attack button (X) to counterattack.
  18. If you leave without clearing the dungeon, your items will lose their durability faster for a certain length of time.
  19. Vouchers can be exchanged for equipment. You'll get one at random by Killing Champion Monsters.
  20. Champion monsters are displayed in yellow, and have unique skills.
  21. The Buy Now option in the Auction House allows you to sell your goods quickly, but charges a 15% fee.
  22. You can obtain designs and materials for making costumes from a Dead Man's Chest.
  23. If you let the fortune teller at the bar tell you how lucky you are, you'll get a Buff effect.
  24. Press the ' key to respond to or send a whisper.
  25. Items you obtain in Blood mode have better attributes than the ones obtained in other modes.
  26. Rusty Hearts personnel will never ask for your password.
  27. You can obtain Epic items in Blood mode.
  28. It's much easier to play high level dungeons in a party.
  29. In order to obtain experience points from a dungeon, you must kill the boss.
  30. If you're having hard time finding party members, try the Find Party (P) Dialog Box.
  31. You get skill points by earning experience points.
  32. You can fight other players by entering the PvP Arena. You can enter by pressing the Battle button (B).
  33. If you repurchase items you have accidentally sold, they will be 10% more expensive.
  34. You can obtain materials for crafting items by dismantling an item.
  35. If you dismantle gear with gems embedded, there is a chance the gems will be returned.
  36. Press the \ key for instant access to the Cash Shop.
  37. If you dismantle an item, you can get materials for crafting a Unique item.
  38. You can configure controls in [System Menu] -> [Game Option Setup] -> [Key Config]
  39. You will not gain or lose Duel Points from battles in the Free Arena.
  40. Your duel record is not affected by battles in the Free Arena.
  41. You cannot use certain skills in the Arena.
  42. In the Arena, the effects of the certain skills are reduced.
  43. Not all skills can be used in the Arena so you may find your action bars rearranged when you enter.
  44. If you leave in the middle of a PvP match, you will lose PvP Points and your Forfeit count will increase.
  45. Be an artist! Use "F9" to turn off the UI and "Print Screen" to take screenshots.
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