Bring Me Anything
Level25 (Requires 24)
TypeQuestIconStoSmall Story
Starts questHenry
Ends questHenry
ZonePublic Baths
DifficultyNormal IconNormal Mode
Pre-reqTude's Game of Life
Quest Reward
Gold470 GoldCoin

Go to the Public Baths and break the urns hanging on the walls. Be sure to collect at least 10 Thingies.

Quest Objective Edit

Dialogs Edit

Notes Edit

  • [Thingy] is found commonly from pots hanging on the walls in the Public Baths.
  • This quest used to be called The Desperate Merchant during Closed Beta.
  • This quest used to be called Bring Me Anything (before the game revision 28135) and the description was : Bring Henry some thingies to sell. Carefully examine all the upper walls of the Public Baths..
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