In this day and age, every young gentleman is expected to know something of swordplay. In Frantz's hands, however, the classic weapon becomes a deadly blur of razor-sharp steel. Lacking in range, using this weapon requires Frantz to be quick on his feet. In battle, he supplements his swordsmanship with dark magic granted by his vampiric blood.

Sword Focus0

Swords are Frantz's starting weapon in Rusty Hearts, and are faster, but weaker than his alternate weapon of axes. However, focusing in Swords at level 20 grants him access to more powerful Black Sorcery and Curse skills in addition to his normal weapon skills.

List of Swords:

Annelas - Level 50 dark sword

Character Angela/Edgar Frantz/Roselle/Leila Tude/Meilin Natasha/Ian
Weapon Magic Sword Scythe Glaive Sword Axe Twin Swords Gauntlets Claws Demon Hands Revolver Musket Weapon Bag
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