Super Genius Nuisance
Level30 (Requires 29)
TypeQuestIconStoSmall.png Story
Starts questPoison
Ends questPoison
DifficultyNormal Icon.pngNormal Mode
Pre-reqSuper Genius Return
Follow upDevil's Heart
Quest Reward
Gold700 Gold

Pass Poison's Expert Female Diver Class. Listen carefully for her as she comes up in the corners of the room for breath and kick her to get her to dive again.

Cannot Skip

Quest Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Pass the Expert Class

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is recommended (though by no means required) to bring three players for this quest, so you don't need to run around too much.
  • This quest is given by Poison, in the Novice Female Diver area of the Steamworks.
  • As before you have to kick Poison in the head and make her dive 8 times in 2 minutes. After which she will say "This is all I've found", give you a few gold and then refers you to the expert course.
  • You must then meet her at the Expert Female Diver area. In this area, you must make Poison dive 12 times in 2 minutes, if you fail you must return to the novice area and restart.
  • After completing the expert course, Poison will repeat her speech from Novice course, including "this is all I've found". And suddenly finds the stone. She will offer to sell it to you for 40,000 gold, before running off to the boss' chamber.
  • In the boss chamber, she will be swallowed by the Viper. After the fight you'll get a cut-scene where Angela revives Poison who then, finally, gives you the heart and the quest to pass it along to Thanatos.
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