Soul Pieces are used in item crafting at Estel.

  • See: Estel/Crafting. Each recipe needs 5 soul pieces, a base blue item and some extra metal, cloth or leather.

Soul Pieces generally drop from dungeon bosses on Very Hard mode and higher. Though they are a very rare drop.

Soul Pieces only Drop on Very Hard and Blood Mode and with at least a S Ranking. The Drop-Probability seems to increase with a SS-Rank or SSS-Rank.

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Icon Name Dungeon Source Used in item level
Icon soul gray Gloves' Soul Piece Wine Cellar 1F Gloves 9
Icon soul gray Armored Butcher's Soul Piece Cellar Sewers Armored Butcher 10
Icon soul gray Boozatron's Soul Piece Wine Cellar 2F Boozatron 12
Icon soul gray Hammer Butcher's Soul Piece Cafeteria 1F Hammer Butcher 14
Icon soul gray Cursed Cataphract's Soul Piece Library 1F Cursed Cataphract 15
Icon soul gray Giant Mole's Soul Piece Cafeteria 2F Giant Mole 17
Icon soul gray Dewey Decimator's Soul Piece Library 2F Dewey Decimator 19
Icon soul gray Cataphract's Soul Piece Labyrinth Cataphract 21
Icon soul red Crimson Gloves' Soul Piece Atrium Crimson Gloves 22
Icon soul red Minotauros Lord's Soul Piece Abandoned Wing Minotauros Lord 23
Icon soul red Sinful Seraph's Soul Piece Abandoned Wing Sinful Seraph 23
Icon soul red Haken Platina's Soul Piece Public Baths Haken Platina 26
Icon soul red Massive Butcher's Soul Piece Collapsed Halls Lord Curtis 28
Icon soul red Stone Golem's Soul Piece Guest Villa Stone Golem 29
Icon soul red Viper's Soul Piece Steamworks Viper 31
Icon soul blue Goliath Gorilla's Soul Piece Vivarium Goliath Gorilla 33
Icon soul red Margoras' Soul Piece Conservatory Giant Mole  ?
Icon soul blue Cyborg Gorilla's Soul Piece Quarantined Labs Cyborg Gorilla 34
Icon soul blue Sand Golem's Soul Piece Debtor's Prison Sand Golem 36
Icon soul blue Giant Rafflesia's Soul Piece Arboretum Giant Rafflesia 38
Icon soul blue Giant Sandworm's Soul Piece The Hole Giant Centi Worm 39
Icon soul blue Spider Lady's Soul Piece Top Secret Facility Spider Lady  ?
Tree Spirit's Soul Piece  ?
Icon soul blue Chimera's Soul Piece 46
Icon soul blue Fluffy's Soul Piece  ?
Icon soul blue Baron's Soul Piece Opera House Baron 43
Icon soul blue Joker's Soul Piece  ?
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