At level 20 Tude can choose to specialize in Gauntlet or Claw focus.

Gauntlet Edit

Gauntlet Focus

At a young age Tude learned that the only weapon you can trust completely is your own fist. Or your foot, knee, elbow or any other part of you that can break a bone or bloody a nose. Since his encounter with the ancient wolf, his style of in-your-face combat has only grown more vicious. Tude's gauntlet is the fastest weapon on the Golden Seal team, able to uppercut enemies into the air and kill them twice before they hit the ground. It is an extremely short range weapon, and Tude wouldn't have it any other way. He never had the patience for all that magic stuff, anyway. In combat, he is the perfect combination of man and beast; ducking and weaving like a boxer before pouncing like a ravenous wolf.

Claw Edit

Claw Focus

After seeing what Vlad's minions are capable of, Tude has the option of choosing a weapon that more suits his animalistic tendencies. His claw sacrifices the quick and precise strikes of the gauntlet in favor of wide, reaping arcs of razor-edged death. Although slower and much bulkier than the gauntlet, the claw has the ability to charge up even its most basic attack in order to unleash a frenzy of strikes against all foes that stand in Tude's way. As with the gauntlet, the claw abilities favor close combat strikes and charging attacks over fancy spells.

Skill trees Edit

Tude Gauntlet Skill Tree Tude Claw Skill Tree
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