At level 20 Edgar can choose to specialize in Magic Sword, Scythe or Glaive focus.

Magic SwordEdit

Magic Sword Focus

Some like it fast and that’s what Edgar brings. Mix Edgar’s nasty speed with a lighter more efficient weapon and you get remarkable results. The Magic Sword has proven to be a popular choice for Angela and Edgar also manages to possess impressive skills with this piercing blade. Edgar’s wisdom and age prove pivotal in controlling a razor-sharp and deadly weapon like the Magic Sword. Combing witchery with sword skill is no easy task, but this grown man trapped in an adolescent boy’s body makes it work.


Scythe Focus

As a young agile child Edgar is undeterred by the slow and heavy Scythe. His magic abilities and high proficiency make brandishing this brute weapon effortless. With speed that trumps Angela and the ability to leap large distances he proves that he is just as capable as the older Scythe master. Despite being slower than the Magic Sword, this weapon of death is more powerful and can attack larger groups of enemies at any given time. Equip Edgar’s Magic Scythe for crowd control and attack power.


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Skill trees Edit

Edgar Scythe Skill Tree
Edgar Magic Sword Skill Tree
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