At level 20 Angela can choose to specialize in Magic Sword, Scythe or Glaive focus.

Magic Sword Edit

Magic Sword Focus

This wicked looking blade is Graestra's original form, though it shifts and grows as Angela becomes more skilled with it. The Magic Sword form is hard hitting but slow and has a short range. Its real power is its effect on Angela's own magic. She can summon fire and orbs of arcane energy to blast all who stand in her way. As Angela grows in power, she can master all the elements, heal her allies and even learn some abilities Vlad's own minions use against her.

Gives healing spells and focuses on support. Generally considered to be better for PvP than scythe focus.

Magic Scythe Edit

Scythe Focus

It has been a long time since Graestra tasted blood and thought of doing battle with the countless minions of Vlad within the halls of Curtis Castle has the spirit bound within the blade absolutely giddy. If Angela will allow it, the spirit's bloodlust will manifest in the weapon of death itself, a large and wicked scythe. Slower even than the Magic Sword form, Graestra's scythe form trades magical superiority for long range, brutal attacks. The weapon seems to have a will of its own as it leaps from Angela's hand to seek out new prey. This weapon form makes Angela's spells more violent, but less precise, and has fewer support or healing abilities.

Gives a bonus to magic damage and more AoE spells.

Skill trees Edit

Angela Magic Sword Skill Tree

Angela Scythe Skill Tree