Scythe Focus

Magic Scythe is one of the two main forms of Graestra, an ancient blade possessed by an evil spirit that Angela fused her spirit with. The other form is the Magic Sword. Unlike the Magic Sword the Magic Scythe can charge up. Charging can be done by holding down the block button after a normal physical scythe combo of any length and consists of six stages. Releasing block on the first stage when none of the small orbs above the charging bar are lit will result in a minor dodging move backwards. Waiting for one orb to be lit results in a forward wheeling attack finished by Angela crushing her scythe into the ground, causing a pillar of magical energy to erupt at the point of impact. Players using Edgar will instead have him throw his scythe like a boomerang through enemies in front of him. All charge levels above this (2-5 orbs lit) result in Angela's case for a scythe throw, much like Edgar's. Edgar on the other hand goes on a forward spinning ride with his scythe, somewhat resembling the horizontal propeller of a helicopter. The only thing that varies between these later levels of charge is their increasing power as you charge longer.

RH Angela 2

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