Scout the Canals B2
TypeQuestIconStoSmall Story
Starts questElma
Ends questElma
ZoneCanals B2
DifficultyNormal IconNormal Mode
Pre-reqScout the Canals B3
Follow upFind the Lost Box, Gina Sells Clothes
Quest Reward
Gold40 GoldCoin

Scout the 2nd Basement of the Subterranean Canals and return to Elma

Quest Objective Edit

Notes Edit

  • Upon completing the Scout the Canals B3 quest, you will immediately be given a follow-up quest to enter the next dungeon, Canals B2. You should have gained a level up at the end of your first dungeon, and this quest will be level 2.
  • Be sure to talk to Georg after you pick up this quest, as he should have a new storyline quest for you as well as teach you your first new Skills.
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