Scout the Canals B2
TypeQuestIconStoSmall.png Story
Starts questElma
Ends questElma
ZoneCanals B2
DifficultyNormal Icon.pngNormal Mode
Pre-reqScout the Canals B3
Follow upFind the Lost Box, Gina Sells Clothes
Quest Reward
Gold40 Gold

Scout the 2nd Basement of the Subterranean Canals and return to Elma

Quest Objective[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Upon completing the Scout the Canals B3 quest, you will immediately be given a follow-up quest to enter the next dungeon, Canals B2. You should have gained a level up at the end of your first dungeon, and this quest will be level 2.
  • Be sure to talk to Georg after you pick up this quest, as he should have a new storyline quest for you as well as teach you your first new Skills.
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