The background music and title theme for Rusty Hearts was composed by GameNSound. Several tracks from Island City were also featured in the game for important narrative transitions.

The soundtrack features seasonal variations.

An animated opening was made for the Japanese server featuring the song "Rusty Hearts" by Breakerz.

Known Songs Edit

The following songs have been sorted approximately by type and the order they would be expected to be heard, and by no means reflects the official numbering.

  1. Main Menu BGM (link)

  2. Town BGM (link)

  3. Canals BGM (link)

  4. Upper Plant BGM (link)

  5. Cafeteria BGM (link)

  6. Cafeteria 2F BGM (link)

  7. Library BGM (link)

  8. Cafe 2F BGM (link)

  9. Wine Cellar BGM (link)

  10. Labyrinth BGM (link)

  11. Bramunez Church BGM (link)

  12. 그대와 날 꿈꾸네 (I dream of you and me) (link)
    D-4 Ending BGM, performed by Island City

  13. 별이 빛나는 날 (Starry Day) (link)
    D-5 Ending BGM, performed by Island City

  14. Boss Battle BGM (link)

  15. Boss Battle BGM (link)

  16. PvP Colosseum BGM (link)

  17. PvP Library BGM (link)

  18. PvP Battle BGM (link)

Unknown BGMs Edit

The songs listed below have yet to be identified. Once identified and named, they should be moved into the above sections.

The desc parameter can be used as a brief note for where/when it may be heard to assist in identifying.

  1. Unknown BGM (link)
    Possible variant of "Town BGM"

  2. Unknown BGM (link)
    Possible variant of "Bramunez Church BGM"

  3. Unknown BGM (link)
    Possible variant of "Cafeteria 2F BGM2"

  4. Unknown BGM (link)

  5. Unknown BGM (link)

  6. Unknown BGM (link)

  7. Unknown BGM (link)

  8. Unknown BGM (link)

  9. Unknown BGM (link)

  10. Unknown BGM (link)

  11. Unknown BGM (link)

  12. Unknown BGM (link)

  13. Unknown BGM (link)

  14. Unknown BGM (link)

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