Nestled within the cold and rocky foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, the nation of Rumania has endured much hardship. In the 14th century, the Black Death devastated all of Europe and this tiny but prosperous nation was no exception. Seeking protection from the plague, the country's royal family sealed themselves within Curtis Castle, but their efforts were in vain. The disease followed them into the halls of their ancestral home and every member of the royal family succumbed to the sickness.

A council of surviving nobles took the reins of government and the country recovered. 300 years after the plague devastated their lands and left them without a king, the nation of Rumania has become a leader in industrial and technological advancement. Its capital, Bramunez, attracts brilliant scientists and skilled craftsmen from across the continent. All the while, the abandoned Curtis Castle looms over the prospering city as a ominous reminder of the bloody past. Any nobles brave or foolish enough to try to claim the sprawling stone complex for themselves ended up dead or mad within in a year, so the castle remained empty.

Or so the citizens thought. An ancient order dedicated to the eradication of supernatural threats to humanity, known as the Hermetic Association of the Golden Seal, has tracked their number one target, the ancient vampire lord named Vlad, to Curtis Castle in Bramunez. Acting quickly, the Golden Seal team placed a powerful barrier upon the castle, sealing Vlad and his minions within. Now they plan their assault on Curtis Castle, to defeat Vlad once and for all.

Just as the operation begins, a group of strangers have arrived in to the chaotic city of Bramunez. Calling themselves "Specialists", they posses strange and powerful abilities that the Golden Seal team would be foolish to ignore. The strangers are encouraged to join the siege on the castle, but their goals and their pasts remain mysteries; even to each other...

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