Requiem, released on Valentine's Day 2012, is one of the most significant content update for Rusty Hearts.

List of Requiem content Edit

Below are the list of added contents in Requiem.[1]

  • Continuation of the storyline, focusing on Frantz' quest to find Amelia
  • Natasha's appearance in the lore
  • Roselle Vergerius, the 6th character and 2nd avatar
  • Level cap increased
  • New items for crafting, forging and progression
  • Expedition System for raiding
  • Training Camp, a hub world
  • Opera House, a story dungeon
  • Gallery, a story dungeon
  • Catwalks, a story dungeon
  • Ramparts, a story dungeon
  • Room of Chaos, a training dungeon
  • Maze Garden, a training dungeon
  • Forgotten City, a training dungeon
  • The Altar, a raid dungeon
  • New enemies unique to the Requiem dungeons
  • Over 200 new and upgraded skills to master from levels 39-45
  • New weapon sets, including Bone Weapons


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