PvP is a term referring to player vs. player combat in Rusty Hearts. thumb|300px|Rusty Hearts Dev Diary PvP|right

Tired of taking orders and running errands? Or maybe you just want to cross swords with an enemy smarter than most of Vlad's mindless minions? Either way, player versus player combat is always available to the brave and battle-hungry specialist. Fight for personal glory or put together a team of combatants that compliment each other's abilities.

There are different modes of battle for every warrior, and the citizens of Bramunez always like to watch a good fight. Champions climb the PvP ranks and are awarded special points which they can use to purchase special weapons and items, so do whatever it takes to come out on top.

In Rusty Hearts, all PVP (and PVE) combat is done in real-time.

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