Once you reach player level 36, you will be able to start the quests required to unlock the pet system.

You will also need to complete A Quest Within a Quest in order to get access to the [Growth Accelerator] recipe which is needed to mature seeds and eggs.

Pets can be hatched at the cemetery shed after completing Unlock the Shed.

Boss pets are cosmetic and will not attack.

Raising your pets Edit

To start, you need a pet seed / egg, such as [Large Egg] or [Nepenthes Seed].

[Growth Accelerator] (crafted by Lloyd) is required to take care of your seed. Clicking the Raise button will allow you to add up to 6 actions for a maximum of up to 150 total Raise action points. After that you must click "begin" to start the first cycle.

To raise your pet out of the seed/egg state you'll need to use the growth accelerator. Once it's mature enough to travel with you, you will need to feed it from the pet info menu (J). Simply drag a green or higher quality item onto the pet icon under the "battle info" title to feed it. Your pet will gain XP and levels from this.

Attributes Edit

  • Life: Increase Life to increase your pet's HP.
  • Strength: Strength affects your pet's Physical Damage.
  • Eloquence: Eloquence affects your pet's Magic Damage.
  • Personality: Personality affects your pet's Loyalty. Higher personality means your pet's Loyalty will decrease slower.
  • Weight: While not a relevant statistic, you'll want to keep your pet in healthy condition
  • Intelligence: Intelligence affects your pet's MP.
  • Body Armor: Body Armor affects your pet's Physical Defense.
  • Attractiveness: Attractiveness affects your pet's Magic Defense.
  • Height: This stat is simply superficial and has no technical relevance.

20. +2 Life, -2 Int, +2 Body armor Edit

  • Inspect: 20. -1 Life, +2 Int, -1 Str
  • Wash: 20. +2 Intelligence, -1 Eloquence
  • Stimulate: 30. +2 Str, +4 Body armor, +2 Eloquence, -1 Attractiveness
  • Inspire: 30. +1 Int, -1 Body armor, +2 Eloquence
  • Comfort: 30. +2 Str, -2 Body armor, +2 Eloquence, +6 Attractiveness

Nephentes Seed Raise Actions Edit

Basic Pet stages Edit

Colorful BoxEdit

  • Lv.1-19: Box with Legs
  • Lv.20: Box Chick OR Box Cat OR Box Tank (Random)

Large EggEdit

  • Lv.1-9: Egg
  • Lv.10-29: Chick
  • Lv.30: Chicken
  • Lv.40: Rooster

Whale SeedEdit

  • Lv.1-2: Seed
  • Lv.3-4: Open Seed
  • Lv.5-14: Baby Nepenthes (Baby Stage)
  • Lv.15-24: Child Nepenthes (Child Stage)
  • Lv.25-34: Teen Nepenthes (Teen Stage)
  • Lv.35: Adult Nepenthes

Monster Seed Edit

  • Lv. 1-12 - Random bosses or mobs, like: wolfman, butcher, temple guardian, gorilla, giant mole, etc
  • Leveling the monster seed by monster exp without feeding  it with inventory items such as weapons,armors or etc.. will or may have a chance to evolve into a B.collector

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