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Need some help with a pesky dungeon? Party up with a group of friends and bring the pain en masse.

With all your fellow Rusty Hearts players spread out across dozens of channels, forming a party of players near your level who are looking to throw down in the same dungeon can be tricky. Luckily, the party system interface is here to make ganging up on Vlad's minions hassle-free!

Start your own party, alone or with friends, and select the level range and dungeon you plan on entering. When other players find your party in the interface, they can join up and are instantly shifted over to your channel, making it easy to get right into the action.

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A party can be no larger than 4 characters at this time. The party leader's current progression will to some extent determine that content and quests that can be completed in the dungeon.

For Blood mode dungeons, it is the party leader that pays the entry cost.

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