Other world

Margoras' Other World, Other World, Air Stadium, or Crack in Space (name within the game code) is a mysterious place that players have a chance to get transported to at the end of dungeons. The Other World can also be reached by trading all of your rare cards to Deathy for an [Other World Passport]. Narratively, it is an artificial location between life and death that allows the resurrection of the dead and is the setting for several story cutscenes.

The type of enemies summoned by Margoras are relative to the area that the Other World was accessed from. Enemies defeated in here are accounted for in quests that require a quantity of enemies of a certain species to be slain.

Upon clearing the Other World, the chest will drop a random amount of [Riddle Box] and a return portal will be opened in the center. Items stolen by the Dead Man's Hand will appear as soon as you return.

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