"I was never taught to give respect to ants invading my home."
— Melanie

Melanie (メラ二一 Meranī) is the Countess of Curtis Castle. Her Japanese bio gives her age as 13 and she is the "owner" of Fluffy who listens unquestionably to her orders. Her relationship with William Heo is like that of a granddaughter despite not being related. Japanese sources expand on their history wherein Heo found her on his way to Curtis Castle; she is describe as being "in a shell" from which Heo manages to coax her, though her underlying personality is cruel to all things but Heo. She is voiced by Akemi Kanda in the Japanese version of the game.

Melanie first appears in Cafeteria 2F, where she reveals she is not working with Vlad even going as far as calling him 'scum' - "How would I know how to find scum like Vlad?". The 2nd time Melanie reveals herself to the Specialists inside the Labyrinth, she introduces them to Fluffy. The 3rd appearance occurs shortly thereafter in Hall 1F, where Melanie introduces a new "pet" of hers - a parasitic monster that is capable of resurrecting fallen monsters.

During this last encounter, Frantz asks her about Amelia's whereabouts, to which Melanie half-answers and tells Frantz, he may soon see his fiance. She also off-handedly refers to his blood as "tainted," which made him immune to the "call" of Vlad; this is possibly because of his hybrid status, but may also have something to do with Amelia's blood.

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