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Leila Vergerius (레일라 베르제리우스 Leilla Bereujeriuseu, レイラ・ベルゼリウス Reira Beruzeriusu) "The Girl Whose Spinning Sword Casts a Flower-Like Shadow" (「花影を紡ぎし令剣少女」hanakage o tsumugishi ryo ken shojo) is a vampire and one of the playable characters in Rusty Hearts. She wields dark magic alongside a Sword, an Axe, or Twin Swords depending on her weapon focus. Joheim is her skill master.

She is voiced by Kanae Itō in the Japanese version of the game.

Leila is the eighth character introduced to the game and is the second avatar for Frantz, so she utilizes the same weapons and skills as him. She has yet to appear in the story, but can be played from the beginning of the game.


Leila has red eyes and long black hair. In her default outfit, she wears a lace bonnet and a high-necked white undershirt with a rose centerpiece. Over this, she wears a long black bell-shaped dress with sleeves that bunch at the shoulders and flare out around the wrists; a portion is cinched below her hips to give a puffed appearance before cascading into an asymmetrical silhouette where the left edge is pulled up by a bow to display more of the frilly underskirt. Her shoes are black flats with a buckle component over thigh high white stockings. The ensemble features light green detailing, decorative buttons, and several ribbons.


Leila Vergerius, the young sibling of Roselle Vergerius, has been fighting to get out of the shadow of her protective sister. She hardly needs protection as she exhibits the same supernatural strength and affinity for dark magic as her sister Roselle. Leila is a gregarious and polite young lady whom the townsfolk have welcomed with open arms. If it wasn’t for her aversion to sunlight and her ability to go head to head with Vlad’s forces, she would fit right in with the older children of Bramunez.

Korean and Japanese sources offer more in-depth character bios; in Leila's, her age is given as 13 and it is clarified that it was Roselle who turned her into a vampire, though she retains no memories aside from her name afterwards, even forgetting that Roselle is her older sister. It seems as though her vampirism is continuing to erode her sense of self and possibly Roselle's as well.


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