Behind every great warrior is a great Guild. Guild up and get back in the fight.

If you've got a group of people you enjoy playing with, why not start a guild? Speak to Major Nadia in her office in the Shopping District, pick a guild name and you're ready to rule over your friends and allies with an iron fist!

Members of a guild can enter their own private Guild Hall to chat, trade and form guild groups. They can also make donations in the form of money or goods added to the Guild Warehouse or experience that contributes to the Guild Level. Guild Experience is acquired by all characters within a guild and doesn't affect the amount of experience you receive toward your level. It is a separate system that rewards guilds with many active members, allowing them to contribute toward leveling up their guild. As guilds increase in level, they gain benefits such as an increase in total members allowed in the guild.

How to start a guild Edit

To start a guild, you'll have to pay 50.000 GoldCoin to Nadia in the shopping district.

Guild Hall Edit

Once you have a guild, you can talk to Nadia or press "T" to enter the guild interface. From this interface you can enter the Guild Hall. Inside the guild hall you will find a Guild Message Board where you can buy a Guild Warehouse for 100.000 GoldCoin. The guild hall is able to be bought by members if the guild does not have it yet.

Warehouse Edit

  • The level 1 guild warehouse costs 100.000 GoldCoin, and has 36 storage space.
  • The level 2 guild warehouse costs 200.000 GoldCoin, and has 72 storage space. It also requires guild level 2.

Each guild level allows access to an extra +36 slots, the cost of these extra slots double each time though. Level 3 costs 400.000 GoldCoin, the next 800.000 GoldCoin, and so on.

Levels Edit

As your members deposit Guild Experience, you can increase the guild in level. Being a higher level will allow you to expand the Warehouse, recruit more members, gain additional Guild Skills, and unlock new Guild Hall Decorations.

Level Experience Gold Cost Max Members
1 120.000 50.000 GoldCoin 40
2 240.000 80.000 GoldCoin 40
3 360.000 80.000 GoldCoin 60
4 480.000 80.000 GoldCoin 60
5 750.000 100.000 GoldCoin 60
6 1.080.000 120.000 GoldCoin 60
7 1.470.000 140.000 GoldCoin 70
8 1.920.000 160.000 GoldCoin 80
9 2.430.000 180.000 GoldCoin 90
10 3.000.000 200.000 GoldCoin 100

From level 1-10 you can have 1 guild skill active at the same time. After that every 10 levels you gain one slot. So at level 11 you can have 2 skills active, 21 = 3, 31 = 4 etc.

Beyond level 10 the experience required increases by 300.000 each level, and the gold required remains at 200.000 each level.

Skills Edit

Skills are not yet implemented.

Guild hall decoration Edit

Guild hall decoration is not yet implemented.

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