Job<Tude Skill Master>
"There's a strange wind blowing. Maybe a storm is on the way."
— Gorgon

Gorgon in-game

Gorgon is found in the shopping center of Bramunez after you return to Nadia, but like all skill trainers he eventually moves with you to the next area if you have completed all the quests in the current area.

Info Edit

During and before Gorgon's introductory quest, I'm Not Homeless, his torn clothes and lack of shoes lead Frantz and Angela to believe that he is a beggar--although he denies it. His explains that his clothes tell his life story and that, for the past 30 years, he has been searching for the ultimate martial arts technique. He left the secular world behind to travel the land. He claims he has transcended the material world in his pursuit of martial perfection.

Item Craft Edit

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