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RustyHearts Gina
"What are you doing wearing those ugly clothes? Mine aren't good enough for you?"
— Gina

Gina works at the Armor store in Bramunez. She will hire players for fetch quests to get supplies for her store or satisfy her artistic whims. Her store offers basic Armor for sale that's usable every multiple of 5 levels, from 5 to 35. Players can repair their armor in the store for a price (scales by gear quality and level). In addition Gina can also Item Craft and Costume Craft for players that bring the required materials and pay her service fee.

Inventory Edit

Once you complete the Shopping District, Gina will also show up at the Bramunez Church area as a cardboard cut-out. Her inventory there will be different from the Shopping District.

Crafting Edit

For the right materials and a few gold, Gina will craft items for you.

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