Giant Mole
Dubbed as a "rat" by Poison. The Giant Mole is the main boss for Cafeteria 2F after players unlock the Ball Room for that floor.

Moves that this boss has are: a stomping move that emits shockwaves underneath him, a rock-dropping move that drops from above the players, a tongue swiping attack; chomping attack and lastly a charging attack.

At the beginning of the battle, the Giant Mole will summon rocks to be dropped onto the players. The gradually-decreasing shadow indicate where the rocks are going to be dropped upon thus making this attack easy to evade.

The shockwave attack that he creates with his feet emits a 360 degree wave in front of the boss. It has a short-medium range that covers the area in front of him all the way to it's waist. One of the ways to avoid this attack is to attack him from behind in order to miss the attack altogether.

It's short frontal tongue-swiping move covers somewhat a 120-150 degrees arc.

For the chomping attack, the Giant Mole will usually do it's attack in a bucking motion. Lashing out forward.

Finally, it's infamous charging tackle. The Giant Mole will run in a straight line, rampaging through anything that's caught within it's path. It will continue to charge until it hits a wall. When it collides into the wall, it will collapse into a daze and motionless state thus leaving it in a vulnerable state for a few seconds. If players manage to dodge this attack, they can sieze the opportunity to inflict damage to the defenseless boss.

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