Job<Angela Skill Master>
"Was it my beautiful voice that got your attention? Or my body?"
— Estel

Estel is a Gypsy found in the shopping center of Bramunez after you return to Nadia. Angela knows her from when she was growing up. Like all skill trainers she eventually moves with you to the next area if you have completed all the quests in the current area.

Info Edit

The Song is Just a Bonus shows that Estel believes her songs have the power to open up people's hearts. According to Angela, they used to play together and took classes from Rebecca back in the village.

While passing through Bramunez, she overheard the plan to war against Vlad. Sounding like a perfect business opportunity for her, she decided to stay for a while. She claims that Gypsies are good with magic and that her Mana Tonic is very popular on the battlefield.

Crafting Edit

For the right materials and a few gold, Estel will craft items for you. Some items may require items crafted by Gina or Ruska.

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