Sukrep Glow

Angela showing off a flaming Sukrep

Epics are a 1st class Item type. Denoted by a purple color.

Weapons can be found in Blood mode, and will have a fiery or special glowing effect on top of the normal glow that can be added by Item Enhancements.

Maze Garden Jewelry

Drop Location (all BM) LVL Pieces Droped
Catwalks 50 Chest, Head
Ramparts 50 Weapons, Feets
Gallery 45 Chest, Weapons Winds DMG
Opera 45 Belt, Hands
Dead Man Valley 45

Weapons Darkness DMG or Light DMG

and all armor

Top Secret Facility 45 Feets, Weapons Earth DMG
The Hole 45 Head, Legs
The Altar 40

Weapons Darkness DMG or Light DMG

and all armor

Arboretum 40 Chest, Head
Debtor's Prison 40 Legs, Belt, Weapons Water DMG
Quarantined Labs 40 Feets, Hands
Vivadium 35 Belt, Feets, Weapons Water DMG
Conservatory 35 Chest, Hands
Streamworks 35 Heads, Legs
Guest Villa 30 Hands, Legs
Collapsed Halls 30 Heads, Chest
Public Bath 30 Feets, Belt, Weapons Earth DMG
LVL SET 2set 3set 4set 5set 6set
50 catwalks, Ramparts MD +90 CP +18% PD +110 AED +18%
45 Gallery, Opera, TSF, Hole PD +80 CP +16% PD +100 AED +16%
45 Dead Man Valley Max MP +500 Max HP +700 MD +150 PD +150 CP +20%
40 The Altar Max MP +300 Max HP +500 MD +100 PD +100
40 Arboretum, Deptor's Prison, Quarantined Labs PD +70 CP +14% PD +90 AED +14%

Vivadium, Conversatory, Streamworks

PD +60 CP +12% PD +80 AED +12%
30 PD +50 CP +10% PD +70 AED +10%
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