Cursed Cataphract

Cursed Cataphract is the boss of the Library 1F dungeon, the 10th floor of Training Hall 1 and random advanced(30+) rooms of Shrine of Eternity. He is also champion in certain rooms of Abandoned Wing and Conservatory.

The Cursed Cataphract usually attacks with large sword swings or his sword lunge that covers a very long distance.

His attack varies from a few wide swings from his blade, a spiral charge where he uses his sword as a lance and lastly, levitating from the air while pinpointing a certain location to throw his blade down onto the ground.

Occasionally when he feels overpowered by players he retreats by levitating upwards for a few seconds. When the Cataphract is levitating, players cannot attack it from the air as he is in an invincible state (will block every attack)

When swinging his sword around, he may swing between 2-3 times in a horizontal arc or in a vertically/diagonally arc (the latter will cause players to be knocked up into the air).

The start-up time for the spiral lance charge maybe long but covers a very long distance. When you see the Cataphract pointing his sword on it's side, that's when it's crucial to evade the attack. This attack may cause knockback to those who are hit by the attack.

As for his last attack when he's in mid-air and targeting a location to toss his sword down, there will be a marker that will show where he'll be launching his attack. To evade this attack, just avoid the marker.

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