Cracked Grey Gems are usable items of class Magic, type Gem, subtype Grey Gems.

Cracked Grey Gem
  • Class: Magic
  • Gems, Grey Gem
  • Use Level : 1
  • 0.001Kg
  • A mysterious Gem that is said to unlock hidden potential.

They weigh 0.001Kg and sell for 0gold.

They currently have no use in-game.

They were the first Rare item to be able to drop normally on all difficulties. They have been downgraded to Magic and come with one random buff[1] , such as Darkness Resistance +1, Magic Damage +0.85%, and Max MP +1.21%.


  • When used, the Gem Combination window is shown and the gem is initially placed in one of the slots. This is a bug as Grey Gems cannot be combined; any attempts to add extra gems into the slots will display the error message. (Tested on 16 December 2011.)


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