Coo Coo Doodle Doo!
TypeQuestIconNorSmall Normal
Starts questHen
Ends questHen
ZonePublic Baths
DifficultyNormal IconNormal Mode
Follow upA Second Chick
Quest Reward
Gold200 GoldCoin

Bok, bo-bok bok.... Is that clear enough?

Quest ObjectiveEdit

Dialogs Edit

Notes Edit

  • Must have [Raw Egg] in your inventory to be able to see this quest. (Edit: you need 10 eggs to complete ALL of the quests and it's advisable to do them all at once so you won't have to run the dungeon 10 times)
  • [Raw Egg] is purchased from April. The [Chick] can be obtained by boiling a Raw Egg in the Public Baths for over one minute.
  • You'll probably want to do Egg On My Face at the same time as this quest.
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