These dungeons are found through the shopping district dungeon entrance, accessible after finishing the Beginner dungeons. These are the first dungeons that have access to Blood Mode.

The first foray into Curtis Castle proper takes the specialists into the lower levels. This mismatch of wine cellars, dining quarters, a library and a maze of corridors known only as the Labyrinth gives the team an idea of just how big Curtis Castle is. Try not to get lost as the citizens you meet in town send you into the castle again and again for their own, often selfish, reasons. Vlad's influence can be seen in the new and disturbing creatures encountered in these halls, although it turns out not all of them want our heroes dead. Some monsters just want to start a business and settle down. Who knew? Whether or not these entrepreneurial beasts can be trusted isn't entirely clear, but at this point the specialists will take whatever help is offered.

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