Boozatron in Wine Cellar 2F

The Boozatron is basically a Nomi Nomi operating a wine barrel robot. It is introduced as a boss in Wine Cellar 2F and makes occasional appearances as a monster in later dungeons, such as Training Hall 1. Despite its somewhat humorous appearance, do not be deceived by it—the Boozatron is packed with several attacks that can seriously hurt.

Its standard attack is a wide swing attack that hits anyone in front of it.

The Boozatron's second attack is a fast pinching/jabbing attack that hits any target in front of it. The Boozatron will do this attack about 3 to 4 times.

For the third attack, Boozatron will spread its arms to the side and will spin around like a helicopter, trying to trap and slice anyone caught within the radius of its whirling attack. Though it may have a fast startup time, the Boozatron will be dizzy at the end thus leaving it vulnerable and open to attacks for a reasonable length of time. If you manage to avoid this attack, try to exploit the attack's weakness by wailing upon it with your attacks.

Last, he'll generate a discharge forcefield around itself. If you can see sparks coming out from the robot, you can avoid the attack easily. This attack cannot be blocked but can be countered with Just Guard. This attack counts as an "aerial juggle".

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