Have some extra gear you want to cash in on? See something you like? The Auction House is your one-stop shop to getting what you want.

Sometimes you may not want to dismantle a high quality item and the price local merchants are offering just doesn't cut it. In these situations, the Auction House is your best bet.

Place items up for sale, search for good deals and try to get that winning bid as you try to get the most coins for your wares and the best bang for your buck.

All items and money are delivered through the mail system, so don't worry about clogging your inventory when you find some good buys. Just snatch them up before someone else does and sort through them at your leisure.

Limitations Edit

  • Can only be accessed while in town.
  • Posting auctions requires a minimum level of 10.
  • By default, 5 slots are available.
  • When bids are out-bid, they are sent through your mail system, but it does not tell you what was out-bid.
  • The search option is utterly flawed, unless you type in the specific name, in its entirety (i.e Poor Silky Yarn) as opposed to poor silky yarn, the search will not show up.
  • The level option in the search doesn't work.

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