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Angela Strraughend
WeaponMagic Sword, Scythe, Glaive

Angela Strraugend (안젤라 스트러우 트, Anjella Seuteureoujenteu) is a witch and one of the playable characters in Rusty Hearts. She fused her soul with Graestra, an ancient blade possessed by an evil spirit, and wields powerful magic. Graestra can take three basic forms - the Magic Sword, Scythe and Glaive. though fusing her soul with this blade has made her hair go red and spiky, but granting her the magical abilities as a witch many times her age. She is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese version of the game.

Angela comes from a small village in the Fog Forest of Rumania. She is a young witch apprentice sent to Bramunez in order to help in the siege on the Curtis Castle. Because she hasn't seen much of world outside her village before now, she can be a bit naive, even though she is quite tough.

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Deep in the Fog Forest of Rumania lies a small village. This village has survived for hundreds of years under the protection of the witches who are trained there.

Now, in these dark times, a young witch apprentice named Angela has been sent to Bramunez to aid in the siege on Curtis Castle. To gain the power she would need to survive the coming conflict, Angela fused her soul with that of Graestra, an ancient blade possessed by an evil spirit. This turned her hair red and spiky, as well as granting her the sorceress abilities of a witch many times her age.

Angela is foul-mouthed and tough, but a bit naïve, having been raised in a small village in the forest her entire life. Still, no one can match her powerful spells.

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Angela's dialogue portrait during closed beta

Angela's portrait has changed from closed to open beta. It is now being used for character creation.

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Edgar Grosvenor is the Avatar for Angela.

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