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Amelia (アメリア Ameria) is Frantz's fiancée and a known vampire; it was Frantz who turned her in an effort to save her life after a lethal accident. His search for her has brought him into contact with the Golden Seal Team which in turn brought him to Bramunez, although a woman who may or may not be Amelia was spotted by the Golden Seal Team inside Curtis Castle after Lord Vlad's siege on the town.

On Day 5, it is revealed Amelia is still alive and aware of Frantz's presence in Curtis Castle after she finds a locket Frantz forgot at Poison's shop. She seems to be working closely with Death, possibly in conjunction with Vlad and Mr. Heo, and is often seen talking with Cipher (their conversations are usually one-sided), even while each group operates with separate but often intertwined goals. Her own motives remain unclear.

She is voiced by Yuka Komatsu in the Japanese version of the game and Yong Soo Jeon in the Korean version (she shares her voice actress with April.) Her Japanese character page gives her age as 25.

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