A Second Chick
TypeQuestIconNorSmall Normal
Starts questHen
Ends questHen
ZonePublic Baths
DifficultyNormal IconNormal Mode
Pre-reqCoo Coo Doodle Doo!
Follow upThird Chick's a Charm
Quest Reward
Gold40 GoldCoin

Bring another Chick to the Hen.

Quest ObjectiveEdit

This quest was soo diffucilt to complete for me till discovererd a way. When i discovered it, i found ut was really easy. After u complete the first quest, u have to buy moe eggs, doesnt matter the amount, i usually buy 5 eggs. After buying the eggsu have to go to the steam works, right where u completed the first one this series of quests, and put the egg in the pool. To get the chick u have to let the egg boil for MORE than a minute, and ull get a chick easily.

Hope this was usefull

Dialogs Edit

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